Trade and Development Review, Vol 9 (2017)

The Africa Regional Integration Index: A Selective Audit

Seth Omondi Gor


This study undertakes a review of the first edition of the African Regional Integration Index in terms of its mechanics and outcomes. The review findings show that the index is not founded on any theoretical framework and consequently there is no basis in theory for the choice or aggregation of its indicators. This has a negative bearing on any attempts at evaluating the appropriateness of the weighting technique used. The review further finds that the process of data normalization used is inappropriate given the gap between the richest and the poorest countries in Africa. The review also unearths irregularities in computation of the overall index, which in turn alters the REC rankings in positions two, three and four. The study concludes that this index is a good starting point, but that it can be made more relevant and objective by anchoring it on a sound theoretical footing.






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